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Harnessing Power and Efficiency: An Insight into ADO’s E-bike Motor Testing

Delve into the heart of ADO’s e-bikes - the motor, a marvel of robust power, efficient energy conversion, and steadfast reliability. Discover how our stringent adherence to industry standards like EN15194 and...

The heart of every electric bike (e-bike) is undoubtedly its motor. It's the component that propels riders forward, making the difference between a sluggish ride and a spirited commute. At ADO, we are committed to ensuring that the heart of our e-bikes beats strong, delivering a harmonious blend of robust power, efficient energy conversion, and unwavering reliability.

Adherence to Standards:

Quality is not merely a buzzword for us—it's a promise. To uphold this promise, we adhere to stringent industry standards such as EN15194 and the Standard by SGS. These benchmarks set the criteria for safety and performance that our e-bikes are designed to meet and exceed. The rigorous testing procedures at ADO Lab are crafted around these standards, ensuring that every motor that propels an ADO e-bike is nothing short of exceptional.

Testing Procedures:

Our journey to motor perfection begins with a meticulous testing regimen. One of the critical tests involves running the motor at full power continuously for more than four hours. During this period, our experts closely monitor the temperature rise, ensuring it does not exceed a rise of 2 degrees per hour, which is a testament to the motor's efficiency and thermal management.

Torque, the force that helps the motor convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, is another key aspect we focus on. Our professional design team is relentless in their pursuit to achieve the optimal balance between RPM speed and force arm conversion. With a 250 watt motor translating to 42 Newton meters of torque, we ensure our riders have ample driving power at their disposal, especially during those crucial moments of starting and going uphill.


The blend of excellent design and rigorous testing ensures that the motor in every ADO e-bike is strong, reliable, and ready to power your urban adventures. Our meticulous approach to motor testing is not just about meeting industry standards; it’s about setting new ones. We invite you to experience the unparalleled performance and reliability of ADO’s e-bikes, which are engineered to provide a seamless, powerful, and energy-efficient ride across the urban landscape. Your journey towards unlocking the full potential of urban commuting begins with that first pedal stroke on an ADO e-bike.

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