ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike

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235 reviews
Color: Black
Version: EU Version
Color: Black
Version: EU Version

Product information


Geared Hub Motor

36V 10.4Ah

Rated Capacity


Max Speed


Max Range

Cross Your City

ADO A20+

Up To 80 KM | 40N.M Motor | CE Certified | 2.0 G-Drive

The Folding E-Bike Revolution

Easy folding one-hand lift

Ingenious and handy foldable design quickly folds in 10 seconds.

Ultra-light frame material, easy to lift. Effortlessly fit into the trunk for a ride anytime, anywhere.

CE certified by DEKRA

ADO A20+ through the DEKRA laboratory testing, reliable quality, guaranteed, through the EU regulations EN15194 certification, can be legally driven on European roads.

And the battery has a CE certificate from the DEKRA laboratory, all accessories meet the certification requirements of professional testing institutions.

40 N·m hub motor

250w compliant motors dissipate heat well, decay slowly and last longer.

Providing a very powerful power to conquer all road conditions.

ADO G-DRIVE 2.0 Controller

3 Pedal Modes

Simulated torque sensing technology allows for fast signal reception and intelligent adjustment to cope with various road conditions, effectively reducing energy loss.

Quality is AlI About Details

A20+ Ebike

Pair of Fenders

A20+ Battery

42V 2A Battery Charger

Installation Tool 

Air Pump

Mobile Phone Holder

Pair of Fenders

A20+ Battery



How Big is The A20+ And can it fit In The Trunk?

Whole machine: 1550*530*1100mm
Folded: 900*430*700mm
The bicycle can be easily put into the trunk after folding

If the bike comes with a battery?

Yes, the battery is included in the e-bike, you can buy with confidence.

How to open and close the throttle?

Because it is an upgraded bicycle, the pedal and accelerator modes can now be switched freely according to the laws of different countries;
When you receive the bike , the bike only has pedal and pedal assist mode, and the accelerator does not work;
But you can switch to throttle mode as needed

How to shift Hybrid Drive and Pedal Assist mode?

From the Pedal Assist change to Hybrid Drive Mode:
Power off state. First turn the throttle lever to the end and pinch the brake at the same time. Then turn on the ebike. 10s later, release the brake and throttle lever. Complete the mode this mode , accelerator work , and in this mode can unlock speed to 35km/h
and you can also follow the video to adjust to Hybrid Drive Mode:
and follow this video to unlock speed :

From the Hybrid Drive change to the Pedal Assist Mode:
Power off state. Pinch the brake and press the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on the ebike. waiting 10 seconds before release the brake. Complete the mode switch. The throttle lever will not work.
You can follow this video to adjust to Pedal Assist Mode:"

What Is The Diffeerence Between The EU VERSION And The INTERNATIONAL VERSION? Can I order the International version from EU and UK region?

EU version is produced for the countries that require bicycle speed and motor wattage and not allowed to use the throttle. Bike speed can't unlock. Throttle not work. Only has Pedal and electric assist mode.

International version : when you receive bike, bike is same with EU Version, has pedal and electric assist mode, but if you need higher speed and want use throttle, you can adjust to another model which has assist mode and throttle mode, also can unlock speed .

If you order the international version of A20+ within the EU, you will receive a charger that meets EU specifications.But it is not officially legal to drive ADO A20+ international version on public roads in the EU. You are only allowed to own it and drive it on private property.

Where Will My Package Be Sent From And How Long Will It Take To Arrive?

About e-bikes:
We have local warehouses in UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Indonesia.
We will arrange delivery within 48h (working days) after the order is placed.
After delivery, customers can receive the parcel within 48h after delivery for orders from UK, Germany, Netherlands and Austria; orders from other countries will receive the parcel within 2-7 days

About accessories:
Batteries shipped from overseas warehouse,about 2-7 days delivery; other accessories shipped from China, about10-25 days delivery.

Note: Affected by the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC, the delivery time of the local logistics company and the expected deviation, please understand.

What Payment Methods Does The Website Support?

Paypal / Visa/ MasterCard / Bancontact / iDEAL / Klarna /Przelewy24/Giropay


IDEAL: Netherlands
Giropay: Germany
Klarna:United Kingdom,Germany,Netherlands,Spain,Italy
Przelewy24: Poland

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Juan Robledo Carmona (Málaga, ES)

bicicleta plegable con detalles:
-positivos: muy bien acabada, bien presentada, confortable, manejable, estéticamente bonita, buena pantalla de velocidad y de cambio de marchas, con tamaño apropiado para ciudad. Otro buen detalle es que la batería sea extraible. La suspensión delantera aceptable. La luz delantera dependiente de la batería la hace más práctica, integrada en el cuadro de mandos. El cambio de piñones muy bueno.

-mejorables: algo pesada, los frenos son de disco, muy aceptables, pero algo mejorables.La duración de la batería (unos 50 kmts sin usar soporte del motor de forma continua)

Muy bien embalada en su envío y cumpliendo los plazos de entrega.

En su conjunto es recomendable, práctica y con una relación calidad-precio muy apropiada.

Peter Komhard (Ludwigsburg, DE)
Super Happy

Perfect Bike for the last mile

Hello Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your feedback about A20+ with us, we are happy to hear that you are happy with your bike!

We are committed to providing high quality products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again for choosing ADO, and we wish you all the best!

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team

Andrej Skender (Varaždin, HR)
Ado 20+

Solid product. Slightly strange motor support while pedalling. Take some time to get used to.

Hello Andrej,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your feedback with us. We appreciate your support.

Is there any problem with the motor? If there's anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us at We're always here to assist you.

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team

Pelle Hyllested (Odense, DK)
Very good ebike

I love my new a20+, its easy to drive, and no problems.

Hello Pelle,

Thank you so much for your feedbacks, we are delighted to hear that you love your A20+!

We strive to make our products easy and enjoyable to use, and we are glad that we have achieved that goal for you. Thank you again for choosing our product, and we hope to continue to exceed your expectations.

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team


Hi really like my ebike, there are a couple of things people need to know I feel, for the shorter people out there if you don't feel confident in cocking your leg over the saddle ( I have a rather stiff hip, the reason I wanted an ebike) now I'm only just over 5' in height and the cross bar is quite high, so I do feel a little unsafe stepping over it, lm hoping I will get more confident as time goes on.

Hello CHRIS,

Thank you for sharing your feedback about your A20+ with us. We are glad to hear that you like your bike!

We appreciate your feedback about the saddle height and the cross bar. The A20+ is suitable for riders between 150 and 190cm in height, and you can adjust the seat height according to your use, providing you with a more comfortable riding experience.

Thank you again for choosing ADO, and we wish you all the best!

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team

Karl Vielhaber (Linz, AT)
Ein Genussrad

Das bike habe ich mir als Stadtrad für meine Wohnmobilreisen gekauft. Das Handling ist spielerisch leicht und die Bremsen perfekt. Die Schaltung exakt und der elektrische Antrieb ein Genuss. Zusammen gefasst, ein Rad stabil, mit wenigen Handgriffen einfach zum Zusammenklappen bzw. Aufzubauen sowie ein Genuss beim Fahren.

Hallo Karl,
Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für ADO entschieden haben und uns Ihr positives Feedback zu Ihrem A20+ mitteilen. Es freut uns zu hören, dass Sie es mögen!

Wir bemühen uns, unsere Produkte einfach und angenehm in der Anwendung zu gestalten, und wir freuen uns, dass wir dieses Ziel für Sie erreicht haben. Wenn Sie weitere Rückmeldungen oder Vorschläge haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.

Nochmals vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für ADO entschieden haben, und wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
ADO Team

Overall very good

First of all customer service is excellent. They arranged delivery to Spain when ordered in the UK. They are very approachable and friendly.
The bikes (2 purchased) came expertly packed and were quick and easy to assemble.
The build quality is high. One bike came with a small scratch on the paintwork but I am not too concerned about that.
Riding the bike is fun. You get a real surge of electric power on any setting, really very good.
The only reasons it isn't a 5 star rating are, firstly, the disc brakes are a bit "grabby" and shudder a bit. I am hoping the brakes will bed in and improve, or I will look into some adjustment. Again, I am not too concerned about this.
The other point is the gears. They are excellent in themselves, but I feel that more gears would be nice as cadence is high at 25kph. Only a minor niggle, overall these are brilliant folding electric bikes for the money.

Florent GARIOU (Savenay, FR)
ADO A 20+

Très satisfait de mon achat. Bonne surprise le vélo est arrivé avec des gardes-boues couvrants comme ceux de l'option avec porte bagages que l'on peut choisir. Montage assez facile, je ne sais cependant pas si c'est un souci de filetage ou d'erreur de montage de ma part mais j'ai eu un souci avec une pédale ; j'ai pu la remplacer avec une pédale complète sur le site.. La disponibilité de pièces est un gros plus. Le frein avant touchait légèrement, son réglage a été délicat. Le vélo se comporte très bien dans les côtes. La vitesse ne diminue pas avec la baisse de la charge de la batterie. J'ai pu faire plus de 50 Km sans recharge sans pour autant que la batterie soit complètement déchargée. Très appréciable de pouvoir le plier dans le train pour ne pas se faire refuser. Le vélo fait 23 kg avec le porte-bagage en option installé. C'est un peu lourd dans les escaliers des gares, quand il n'y a pas de rampe. L'accès au paramètre du LCD S866 est facile, cela m'a permis d'ajuster le diamètre des roues pour que la vitesse soit conforme à ce que le gps du smartphone affiche. L'étagement des 3 vitesse d'assistance est appréciable : 15, 20 et 25 km/h. Bon vélo électrique pliant, bon rapport qualité/prix. Je le recommanderai à mes connaissances qui rechercheraient un vélo pliant électriques.

Bonjour Florent,

Nous vous remercions d'avoir choisi ADO et de nous avoir fait part de vos commentaires positifs sur votre A20+. Nous sommes ravis d'apprendre que vous êtes satisfait de votre vélo !

Nous nous engageons à fournir des produits de haute qualité qui répondent aux besoins et aux attentes de nos clients. Si vous avez des commentaires ou des suggestions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Nous vous remercions à nouveau d'avoir choisi ADO et nous vous souhaitons le meilleur !

ADO Team

Francesco Giorgetti (Acton, GB)

Really cool, the only thing I haven’t understood is how the battery works. But the bike is great

Hello Francesco,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your feedback with us. We are glad to hear that you think the A20+ is cool!

Is there any problem with the battery? If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to let us know. We're always here to assist you.

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team

Koers (Amsterdam, NL)

I recommend this e bike to everyone that is looking for a good quality budget e bike (€820). When driving in electric mode with 25 km/h, you get around 35 km of distance (with a low sensitivity level - P12). This is for the 250 w model. I already received lots of interest from people because of the looks and cheap price. Service of ADO is really quick and easy. I recommend people to save some more money and buy the air version for the better quality equipment, guess they soothe an e-bike a bit better and for the less weight you get. The model i got did not have a switch or control for the front light. It is best to buy and extra light if you want to drive in the dark.

Hello Koers,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your feedback with us. We're glad you're willing to recommend our products to others!

AIR 20 is a new product we launched in 2023. Our R&D department has taken advice from customers and upgraded the product, it's foldable, ultra-lightweight, carbon belt, Torque Sensor, and perfect for urban commuting.

To turn on the headlight of A20+, please turn on the display and press and hold the button '+' for three seconds.

If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to let us know. We're always here to assist you.

Yours Sincerely,
ADO Team