We boost your business with a solid partner growth system. We support you with brand recognition, advanced research and development center, solid ebikes, service centers available around the world and a strong team behind.

Our Key Advantages:

Commitments to Users

ADO is a solid commuter partner in urban life. We create products with extraordinary riding experience on complex road conditions such as bumpy, gravelly and uphill.All of our products are green-friendly designed and comply with environmental guidelines.

G-Drive E-bike Solution

ADO G-Drive system automatically selects the best gear based on vehicle speed. When the rider manually switches the riding mode, G-Drive will identify the speed change and automatically fine-tunes the subsequent speed according to the rider’s preferences. Users can ride or climb hills easily.

Global Care Services

Our care centers are now available around the world.We provide life-long care for products!You can learn all the care details in our warranty policy that ensures you buy or sell ADO ebikes confidently.

Global Offices

We are growing rapidly and plan to cover 1001 cities around the world. Now there are multiple warehousing operation centers in Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, the United States, Indonesia, Spain, etc., to provide you with convenient and safe logistics and distribution services.

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