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Factors to Consider for Women’s Electric Bike

E-bikes are an easy commute for both men and women. Its benefit from being able to be ridden by anyone, including men, women, children, and the old. There’s something for everyone from...

E-bikes are an easy commute for both men and women. Its benefit from being able to be ridden by anyone, including men, women, children, and the old. There’s something for everyone from commuters to beachgoers to off-roaders and everyone in between. Nevertheless, specific bikes are designed for a woman’s needs and requirements. This article will discuss several factors that should be considered while buying an e-bike for women.

Purpose of Buying an E-Bike

Will you use it to commute to and from work or run errands around town? Are you seeking something that can stroll down the beach boardwalk? Will you be taking it off-road for a more exciting ride? You’ll need to figure out where you’ll ride it first.

Riding a bike is essential in determining the best type of bike for you. Some e-bikes are designed for an uphill ride, whereas some are designed for more urban purposes. Thus, once you have decided what sort of bike you need, you can easily cater for the best fit for your needs.

Among a variety of purposes, ADO Ebike provides the best bikes for you. These bikes are designed to give you the best ride of your life as per your requirement and necessity, from urban to mountain riding.


Range of an E-bike

Once you’ve decided on buying an e-bike, the next step is to determine the range that the bike gives you. Whether you decide to go up the hill, you should ensure that the e-bike’s battery life is long enough to give you a hassle-free ride to the top and back.

The range of an e-bike is determined by the type of battery and the battery’s capacity with which it’s fitted. Thus, this allows women to select from a wide range of e-bikes.

The ideal fit for women is manufactured by ADO, more specifically ADO A16+ Ebike-16 Inch Folding Electric City Bike. The A16+ is installed with a 36V 7.5AH battery that gives you an extended range of travel.

In different modes, A16+ gives you different ranges in pedal-assist mode; A16+ can go almost 70km, whereas, on the complete electric range, this bike will give you a range of almost 30km.


Storage Space

When talking about storage, we mean carrying almost everything and anything while you ride, even the bike itself. This would also call for a foldable e-bike available at an affordable price at ADO.

Since women often tend to carry everything with them, it’s essential that they can carry these things with them on their journey as well. This assistance is usually deemed rather feasible and comfortable for the riders.

Some bikes are often fitted with baskets which allow you to commute with your essential belongings while you ride. For phone chargers, A16+ has a 5V/2A charging port for your phone so that you can charge on the go.

ADO A16+ is a foldable electric bike that is extremely handy for women as it allows you to easily carry the bike itself to work or for your journey. Also, A16+ can be installed with many affordable accessories on the bike, available at the ADO online store.


Bikes are often designed based on a specific body type when it comes to comfort. Since there is a difference between a woman’s and a man’s body type, it is essential to consider the different feasibility for each gender.

Women often tend to have shorter reaching lengths and stack heights than men. Thus the overall skeleton of the bike should be according to the body types.

ADO A16+ Ebike before folding is 28.3inx57inx37, making it suitable for a height range of 130cm to 180cm. The height range has been selected based on the available height range of women and men. The variating heights and reaching lengths of women are compensated in the ADO A16+ and are also a viable option for your journey.


The weight of the motors and batteries may add to the bike’s overall weight. It’s critical to keep this in mind when looking for a model, especially if you’re a petite lady. Weight also decides the type of ride you will get when riding. This can be an easy grip on the road or a difficult journey. Weight becomes an essential factor if the rider wants to move it to an upstairs apartment or load it into a bike rack frequently, for example. Some e-bikes are also foldable, making them even more convenient to store and transport wherever your adventures take you.

The ADO A16+ can handle the load of 120kgs, excluding the bike’s weight itself. The bike weighs around 25 kgs, so you can easily travel safely on A16+ without any stress. Its also installed with a dual wheel damping system that allows exceptional road grip. With its fantastic road grip, the A16+ can ride at a speed of 25km/h with its 250W motor. However, the G-drive system makes it super efficient and saves you a lot of battery when riding.

To Sum it Up

When deciding what to buy for women, these tips must be considered. Since buying a bike is essential and cost-consuming, ADO ebike guarantees the best product in the best price range!

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