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Cross Your City With a Reliable Electric Bike

ADO Ebike Presale

A20+ From €769
A20F+ From €969
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A20+ Lightweight City Ebike

In general, foldable electric bikes are fantastic. The ADO A20+ should be a good contender for anyone looking for a well-made, inexpensive bike with a long-range.

  • CE Compliant Pedal and Pedal Assist Modes
  • 20-inch Foldable, easy to carry
  • 250W powerful brushless motor


A20F+ Fat Tire Folding E-bike

ADO A20F+ is the best skid fat tire electric bike coming with amazing features that commuters want and the best one in its price range.

  • 20×4.0 Non-Slip Fat Tyre with double shock absorption
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission with 250W brushless motor
  • Perfectly adapt to different terrains, bringing you a comfortable riding experience.


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    ADO A26+ Electric Bike


ADO New Ebike

250W 42N•M super torque motor,High-speed gear brushless motor. Through the golden reduction ratio gear set, the super torque can be converted up to 42N•M.
Easy control Wire-controlled Shock-absorption, adapt to various road conditions, make riding more comfortable.
Adjustable seatpost to a comfortable height as needed。
10.4Ah Detachable and multi-protected power battery is not only convenient to charge and carry, but also safe.

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329 reviews

It's good thanks

Perfekt auch für Kinder

Damit ich mit meinem Sohn Fahrradtouren fahren kann, wir wohnen im Harz, war ich auf der Suche nach einem Ebike für Kinder, welche auch bezahlbar sind. Dabei bin ich auf das ADO 20 gestoßen und habe mich nach gründlichen Recherchen für einen Kauf entschieden. Ein ausschlaggebendes Kriterium, war, dass es für Personen ab 1,40 m zu fahren ist, anhand der Bewertungen von einer guten Qualität auszugehen ist und auch der Service war freundlich und Emails wurden schnell beantwortet. Mein Sohn liebt jetzt das Fahrradfahren, da die Berge kein Hindernis mehr sind - und er fährt trotzdem sehr wenig mit Unterstützung. Für den Preis wirklich ein gutes Fahrrad.

Flawed but entertaining

We have 2 a20+ and have been enjoying exploring further now that our bikes fit in the car but there are some major flaws.
1. The power is really helpful, better than our normal e-bikes.
2. On normal roads, the seat is comfortable.
3. It’s relatively cheap.
4. Front light and USB port powered by the battery.
5. Mud guards included.
6. Bell included.
7. We really are finding it fun!
1. Battery range is much shorter than advertised, disappointing when you’ve got a long trip home. Ran out today from full charge after only 36km.
2. Front forks are very stiff, noisy and uncomfortable, need to replace them.
3. Brakes rub and lose grip when hot, not good enough for the speed these bikes can do.
4. The ride is very jarring, makes long journeys uncomfortable.
5. The bike when folded is still bigger than expected.
6. It’s very heavy, some alternatives are much lighter.
7. The battery vibrates really badly when riding over small bumps unless extra padding is added.
8. Location of the key makes it really fiddly to get in and out because of cables.
9. Wider tyres would be nice as standard but can be fitted easily.

The bike arrived quickly,packaging was very attentive, didn't have any problems, the seller was very patient to answer all my questions.Thanks.

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