ADO A20 Foldable Ebike

Cross-country Motorpower

350W/500W Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor, with G-Drive Control System, provide the cross-country motor riding experience.

Shimano Transmission

Every acceleration is a unique trip experience and the changeable road section is easy to ride.

Multiple Shock Absorption

Easy to cross your city in all road conditions, enjoy a comfortable riding experience.


What about ADO?

Brand Story

ADO,short for "A Dece Oasis",means "Oasis in the Desert". ADO is taken from Crescent Lake in China.

Crescent Lake , as a diamond on the ancient Silk Road, was a bridge connecting China and Western. It flows for thousands of years in the desert. Crescent Lake is the symbolic of "Green" and "Challenge", and also "Inheritance" and "Hope".

ADO brand advocates the concept of green commuting and environmental protection. Based on the complex road conditions in many old cities in Europe and the not comfortable riding experience, ADO has a clear direction about product development . Hoping to bring users a more comfortable cycling experience on bumpy, gravelly, uphill and other complex roads, ADO products are positioned as urban off-road e-bikes suitable for all urban road conditions.

Highest requirements for electric horsepower and shock absorption system, ADO Ebike was born for pursuing the ultimate quality.

Who creat it?

Sen, an active pursuer of technological innovation, a realist who enjoy a challenge.

"Crazy," as many people might describe him.

On the road of technological innovation, he is crazy, many people are waiting for results, and he is creating results. Sen, likes to get in touch with new things, has a wise mind and unique insights, crazy challenges "impossibility" and creates "possibility" from "impossibility". At the same time, he knows how to weigh the pros and cons, take advantage of the trend, and create infinite possibilities for him.

In the post-epidemic era, "green" and "healthy" travel methods have become the mainstream. The trend of the times drives development, so in 2021, he continued to research and innovate on technical pain points. In the field of sports travel, he created his own electric bicycle brand-ADO.

He said, insist on making good products, not just brand. Not just a good product, but also a positive service.

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