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ADO A20+ VS A20F+

A Dece Oasis is a brand that provides different electric bikes with different features. All ADO ebike are classy and comfortable. But in this article, various aspects of ADO A20+ and ADO A20F+ electric bikes will be explored....

A Dece Oasis is a brand that provides different electric bikes with different features. All ADO ebike are classy and comfortable. But in this article, various aspects of ADO A20+ and ADO A20F+ electric bikes will be explored. Furthermore, this article will compare both bikes to know which bike is more suitable for which situation. This article will describe all the features of ADO A20+ and ADO A20F in detail. For visual information, will also include the related video.

General introduction of ADO 20+ and A20F+

ADO A20+ is 20*1.95 inches folding electric bike, while on the other hand, A20F+ is 20*4.0 inches folding fat tire electric bike. Both bikes come in two black and white colors. In general, there is a slight difference between ADO A20+ and A20F+. Both bikes are excellent in their respective niches.


Some key points about the folding electric bikes A20+ and A20F

The DEKRA lab issues a professional CE certificate of e-bike A20+ and A20F+ . The professional standard for e-bikes is EN15194:2017. DEKRA lab is well known for verification, testing, and testing body. If you want to ride your bike legally on the European road, then the EU 15194 standard is essential.

The main factors included in the EN15194 standard are: – Two-wheel electric vehicles (EPACs) must not exceed 48 volts; – maximum power does not surpass 250 watts; – The output power will decrease deliberately until the power is cut off; if the speed reaches to 25km per hour.


Difference between the performance of both bikes

  1. The overall unit of dimensions L×W×H of A20+ is 1550*530*1100mm. And after folding, it will become 900*430*700mm.And the general branch of sizes L×W×H of A20f+ is 1740*530*1200mm. And after folding, it will be 980*450*770mm. The specification package size of A20+ is 875*380*660mm, and for A20f is 1010*490*710mm. The operating and storage temperature of both bikes is the same.
  2. The net and gross weight of A20+ is 21and28kgs. Similarly, the yield and the entire weight of A20f are 29 and 37.6 kgs.
  3. The electric range and assisting range of A20+is <60km and <80km. And for A20f+, it is <50km and <70km. There is a slight difference between both bikes.

The structural difference between both bikes

ADO A20+ and A20f+ folding e bike come with a beautiful structure. But the main structural difference is in their tires.There is also a slight difference in height between both bikes.

  1. A20F+ has more capability of shock absorption because of a little difference in the height of the front wheel.The size of an A20+ tire is 20*1.95 inches, and it is 20*4.0 inches for A20f+.
  2. A20+ is very suitable for riding on the flat route. And A20f+ is ideal for rough and smooth roads because of its flat tires. You will get a smooth ride on both, but A20f+ has slightly bigger tires and will give you a softer ride even on rough roads.



Similarities in A20+ and A20F+

System control of both bikes

The system control of both bikes is the same. The power button of both bikes is available on the speed control handle. By using the power button, you can control the front lights and riding mode as well. The 886 HD LCD is also available in the middle of the handle on both bikes.


Hall brushless gear DC motor is used in both folding e-bikes. The motor’s rated voltage in both e-bikes is also the same, which is 36 V. The engine’s torque of A20+ is 40 N. m, and A20F is 43 N. m. The rated speed of both bikes is 380 r/min.

Pro tips for the safety of motor

  • Try to keep the motor clean and free from foreign objects, corrosive liquids, gases, etc., and the motor housing must not be bumped or burned to avoid damage to the motor.
  • All cables must avoid friction and contact with solid metal, and lines must be legitimately connected to the frame.

The controller is a high-tech password for intelligent computer storage programs. If the user unlocks the repair, the components will be quickly worsened. If the controller fails, delight gets in touch with customer service to overhaul it.


Charger items in both bikes are input voltage, output voltage, output current, and output power. The input voltage of both bikes is 100~240V, 50/60 HZ. The output voltage of A20+ and A20F is 42V DC. Output current and the output power of both bikes are 2A and 84W.


The battery material of both bikes is also the same, which is Lithium.

The batteries of both bikes support removable portable charging. The rated voltage of batteries in A20+ and A20F is 36V. And charge cut-off voltage in both batteries is 42V. If we talk about the rated capacity of both batteries, it is36V 10.4Ah.

The charging temperature is 0~40°C. The battery management system in both bikes can manage overheating, short circuits, overcurrent, and overcharge protection.

This battery is a particular battery for electric bicycles. If the electric bike is not used for a long time, the battery can be reused after an abundant power supply. The electric power should be replenished to avoid battery localization caused by long-term power shortages.

Batteries must not be placed near open flames or high-temperature heat sources, and batteries must not be disposed of in a fire. Direct sunlight is strictly prohibited in hot and hot weather.

Auxiliary light setting

The auxiliary light setting also allows setting the front white light + white reflector, a rear red light + red glass, two yellow glasses before and after the pedal, and two yellow mirrors on the spoke

Head of both bicycles

The material of the horizontal tube in both bikes is aluminum alloy. The size of the flat line in both bikes is 22.2*52mm. The material of the handgrip in both bikes is TPR. The aluminum is also used in the stand tubes of both e-bikes.

You can adjust and fold the stand tube according to your preferences. You can also change the height with a protective jacket. A horn with an electric speaker also emerges on the head of the bike. 5V/1A USB type A+ Charging Base is also given on the head of the bicycle. From which users can charge their mobile phones.



Some essential tips while using the A20+ and A20F+ for security reasons

If you are a user of A20F+, you must follow the following tips for security reasons.

  1. You must be 18 years old if you want to use this bike.
  2. Keep your speed lower than the traffic rules.
  3. Must wear your helmet while driving your e-bike.
  4. Do not charge your e-bike in a residential building.
  5. If you purchase the ADO A20F+ or A20+, then you must charge it for at least 12 hours for the first time. And every two months, charge it once for 12 hours.
  6. The design of the tires of A20F+ is slightly bigger than A20+. There is a huge possibility that it catches more dust and dirt in its cuts. So make sure that you clean it regularly.
  7. Try to avoid riding in rainy or bad weather.

Maintenance of ADO A20+ and A20F+

  • The moving parts of an electric bicycle should be frequently injected with a small amount of lubricating oil to reduce wear and maintain the driving ability.
  • Always check that the working parts and cables are flexible and make sure there is no stagnation, there is no stagnation and properly drip lubricating oil from one end of the hose slowly and at the same time, pull the wire rope and feel the wire rope slide quickly into the Hose.
  • Brake parts should be checked and adjusted regularly to keep them relaxed; e.g., the gap between the brake pads and the door core should not be too large.
  • The main parts of the transmission, such as the front axle, rear axle, counter axle, front fork, flywheel, and electric hub, should be checked and adjusted regularly to keep the transmission parts flexible without noise and impact; Check nuts and bolts throughout the vehicle. If they are loose, they must be tightened promptly to prevent claims from wearing out or causing more damage and damage due to loosening.
  • The air capacity in the tires should be checked and adjusted regularly.
  • Try to keep your tires neat and clean. It is essential to prolong its life.

The last word on these two bikes

Overall, both of these folding electric bikes work wonders. The biggest difference between them for me is that the A20F+ is bigger and heavier. The A20F+ makes you feel more stable and safe when the roads are bad, and the A20+ is more portable, great for everyday work and school, and the ride feels easy. You can choose the right ebike according to your needs.

4 comments on ADO A20+ VS A20F+
  • daniel.opdenakker
    daniel.opdenakkerDecember 20, 2023

    Zijn deze dikke banden ook verkrijgbaar als anti-lekbanden?
    Moet de koolstof riem ook gekuist worden en hoe?
    Mag ik de internationale versie 350watt voor de opvouwbare fiets A20 f+ kopen?
    De feedback en de specificaties van de fiets is top.!
    Grote dank🙏

  • chris
    chrisDecember 20, 2023

    hi, does the charger come with a uk three pin plug thank you .

  • Heinz
    HeinzDecember 20, 2023

    Ich habe das A 20 F seit einer Woche. In DE beim OttO Versand gekauft. Ich bin von diesem Rad begeistert, habe noch zwei Rückspiegel nachgerüstet. Sehr gute Bremsen, Es fährt sich sehr gut, die Einstellung der einzelnen Fahrstufen ist perfekt. Passt gut in meinen Toyota Yaris in den Kofferraum. Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist sehr gut. Ein Top Fahrrad. Nutze es in der Freizeit um fit zu bleiben.
    BT Verbindung mit Iphone nicht möglich nur mit Android.

  • Roosen
    RoosenDecember 08, 2023

    Que veut dire poids net et poids brut???

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