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What is SGS?

Many people have seen the “SGS” logo, so do you have questions, what is SGS? What is the meaning of this logo represents? Maybe this article can solve your questions.   SGS...

Many people have seen the “SGS” logo, so do you have questions, what is SGS? What is the meaning of this logo represents? Maybe this article can solve your questions.


SGS Company Profile

SGS is the abbreviation of Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A., which is translated as “General Notary”. It is an internationally recognized inspection, identification, testing and certification organization.

Founded in 1878, it is the world’s largest and oldest private third-party multinational company engaged in product quality control and technical accreditation. Headquartered in Geneva, it has more than 1,800 branches and specialized laboratories and more than 59,000 technical professionals worldwide, carrying out product quality control, monitoring and assurance activities in 142 countries.

It can be said that SGS belongs to the world pass, and is not just limited to the EU. Therefore, once a product has been certified by SGS, there will be little problem with the safety and quality of the product, because SGS is a globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity, and SGS certification refers to the service of SGS to certify the conformity of the target according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions. The certified product means that the data of the product meets the industry standard and is trustworthy.

Many people will often compare SGS to such globally renowned regulatory standards as “ISO” and “Reach” because of the brand credibility that SGS has accumulated internationally, with branches in more than 140 countries and regions, and then developed for more than 140 years, its service capabilities cover the upstream and downstream of the supply chain in many industries such as consumer goods and retail, agri-food, life sciences, cosmetics and personal care, petrochemicals, minerals, environment, industry, transportation and e-commerce.


ADO is certified to SGS standards

Because of the international credibility of SGS certification, SGS certification is still difficult to pass because the requirements are very strict, after all, with a history of more than 100 years, so the relevant regulations are also very cumbersome, currently has passed the SGS certification of Chinese brands such as HUAWEI, TCL, Haier …. etc.

Today we are going to focus on Shenzhen A DECE OASIS Technology Co.(ADO).  ADO is an e-mobility brand that specializes in electric bicycles and has several products (DECE300 , DECE 300C) that have been certified by SGS CE and SGS Performance Tested Mark (SGS performance test certification service, few Chinese brands can pass this certification).

On 27 May 2022, SGS attended the anniversary ceremony of the R&D Centre & Laboratory of Huizhou Rui Jianxing Technology Co.(ADO Huizhou Experimental Base).During the ceremony, Chen Jianan, Head of SGS Light Industrial Products Service South China, awarded ADO a QTL (Qualified Testing Lab) laboratory qualification plaque, which proves that ADO’s inspection and testing capability, innovation and R&D capability and laboratory management level have reached the leading industry level in China, meaning that ADO’s products are all stringent quality tested and meet This means that ADO’s products are high quality products that have undergone rigorous quality testing and meet international standards.



So what does it mean for the user?

1. Sturdy product quality, extra long product life, up to 10 years

    ADO has invested in advanced testing instruments and experimental equipment to support X test items such as new vehicle testing, parts testing, electrical system safety assessment and testing, mechanical fatigue testing, etc., covering X functional tests such as whole vehicle performance, mechanical performance, material performance and strength performance. The test methods are all in accordance with the standards of SGS organization. Each component, the whole vehicle must pass a strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure strict quality assurance.


    For example, ADO ebike frame will go through 10,000 times of material hardness test, natural aging test, material corrosion resistance test, as well as strength vibration test and pressure fatigue test; the fork of the frame will go through 10,000 times of impact test. This means that ADO’s frame can last up to 10 years, very strong, not easy to lose paint, and very solid in extreme weather.

    At the same time, the new whole bike will go through 10,000 times of strength pressure test, mechanical fatigue test and mechanical performance test, the maximum pursuit of product quality, to provide users with a long product life.

    2. Safe and reliable, stable battery life and range up to 100km

    The most important concern of users is the safety of the battery, in this regard, ADO laboratory has strict production standards and inspection standards for batteries, whether the battery output in accordance with production standards is safe, whether the battery has a stable life, and whether it has a stable long range:

    * simulate low temperature environment to observe whether the battery can discharge stable current at low temperature (-20 degrees).

    * simulating room temperature environment to see if the battery capacity is qualified in common scenarios.

    *Testing the high temperature environment (55 degrees), whether there is any abnormality in the battery charging and discharging, and also examining the performance of the temperature sensor.

    * Observe whether the battery test data is qualified by charging and discharging the battery several times.

    *After 8 hours and 12 tests to ensure the stability of each battery;

    *Finally loaded into the SGS certified battery protection plate to prevent battery damage;

    The battery data of the new product testing 5 e-bikes in actual riding, such as driving for X hours on bumpy roads, whether it will affect the battery safety, to ensure no safety hazards, and then finally execute the production and test the mass-produced batteries strictly according to AQL standards.

    This strict process ensures that the ADO battery can provide stable energy output, quality, range, and life is guaranteed and safe, even in the face of bumpy roads, the battery’s output capacity is excellent!

    3. Good riding comfort, the ultimate riding experience

    ADO’s new product development and design will incorporate ergonomic design, while the high and low span test according to market demand to ensure the design of the most comfortable models.

    At the same time, ADO ebikesare subjected to smooth riding tests, including braking ability test, climbing ability test and power ratio test. Simulation ADO Ebike in gravel roads, rugged and other complex road conditions, the fastest speed can still reach 25km / h, uphill speed smooth and effortless, short and stable braking distance, strong shock absorption capacity, so as to pursue the user the ultimate comfortable riding experience.




    ADO laboratory will always be user-centered, increase product innovation and R&D, adhere to product quality, and build the technical core value and competitiveness of the ADO brand. At the same time, in the future, ADO laboratory will be equipped with self-developed ADO G-Drive electronic control operating system, to develop high-quality personalized products to meet the needs of different users, ADO will soon launch new products such as cargo, outdoor camping, etc., please look forward to!

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      online pharmacy canada December 20, 2023

      I really like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

    • Paul Evans
      Paul EvansDecember 20, 2023

      will you make a 3 wheeler anytime soon?

    • Paul Evans
      Paul EvansDecember 20, 2023

      I am very impressed with everything you do to ensure quality. I have had several severe illnesses and I need a 3 wheeler. Is there any chance you will produce one? Do you have a base in Corfu, or Greece? Paul Evans.

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