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Where will my package be sent from and how long will it take to arrive?

About e-bikes:
We have local warehouses in UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Indonesia.
We will arrange delivery within 48h (working days) after the order is placed.
After delivery, customers can receive the parcel within 48h after delivery for orders from UK, Germany, Netherlands and Austria; orders from other countries will receive the parcel within 2-7 days

About accessories:
Batteries shipped from overseas warehouse,about 2-7 days delivery; other accessories shipped from China, about10-25 days delivery.

Note: Affected by the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC, the delivery time of the local logistics company and the expected deviation, please understand.

More informaiton about delvery&ship ,can clcik to know:

Shipping Policy

How long is the warranty for this ADO Ebike?

Usually the whole bike warranty period is one year, and the warranty period of individual special accessories will be different as follow:

Warranty Policy

What payment methods does the website support?

Paypal / Visa/ MasterCard / Bancontact / iDEAL / Klarna /Przelewy24/Giropay





IDEAL: Netherlands

Giropay: Germany

Klarna: United Kingdom, Germany,Netherlands,Spain,Italy

Przelewy24: Poland

What is the difference between A20+ and A20F+?

A20+is lightweight, suitable for daily travel, suitable for both men and women;

A20F+ has 4.0 fat tires, which is more suitable for mountain biking and off-road, and is larger than A20+, which is more suitable for men.

What is the difference between DECE 300 and DECE 300C?

There are three main differences:

1. DECE 300 Shimano 11-speed, DECE 300C Shimano 9-speed

2.DECE 300 is wire-controlled shock absorption, DECE 300C needs to manually open the shock absorption function

3. The whole bike of DECE300 has used the touch-up paint process, and there is no welding joint;

DECE300 touch-up paint for half bike, welding marks can be seen on the rear half”

What is the difference between the EU version and the international version?

EU version is produced for the countries  that require bicycle speed and motor wattage and  not allowed to use the throttle . bike speed can’t unlock . throttle not work . only has Pedal and electric assist mode.

International version : when you receive bike , bike is same with EU Version , has pedal and electric assist mode, but  if you need higher speed and want use throttle ,you can adjust to another model which has assist mode and throttle mode , also can unlock speed .

Is this model A20+/A20F+ legal in Europe?

The ADO A20+/ A20F+ is certified by DEKRA and conforms to CE standards, Motor rated power 250W, maximum speed 25km / h, in line with EU traffic regulations, so you can ride with confidence.

What’s the difference with A20XE and A20+?

A20XE Upgrade points.
1. upgrade the brake system, change the single clip to double clip, make the brake more smooth.
2. equipped with iron fenders and rear rack, convenient for daily load
3. longer handlebars for more comfortable riding; use mechanical bell
4. lights and reflectors passed emark certification

Do I need to pay customs duty or VAT to buy Ado Ebike?

ADO Ebike is free shipping .

Does the ebike come with the battery, do I need to buy it separately?

Each bike comes with 1 battery, when you place an order you can see that the battery is installed inside the bike.

Can I mount the baby carrier on the ebike?

For the safety of riding, we do not recommend installing the baby carrier on the bike.