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Building a Robust Foundation: A Glimpse into ADO’s Frame and Fork Testing

Dive into the robust world of ADO's frame and fork testing where meticulous engineering meets relentless testing to forge e-bikes that stand the test of time and terrain. Discover how fatigue, impact,...

The frame is the skeleton of an e-bike, bearing the brunt of the road's realities, while the fork connects riders to their journey, guiding each turn and absorbing the rough patches along the way. At ADO, we believe a well-constructed frame and fork are imperative for a safe, comfortable, and efficient ride. Our dedicated testing ensures that these critical components stand up to the test of time and terrain.

Fatigue Testing:

Every bump, every jump, and every turn exerts force on the frame and fork. Our fatigue testing simulates these conditions by loading the frame up and down vertically and back and forth horizontally for 120,000 cycles. This extensive testing evaluates the durability and structural integrity of the frame and fork, ensuring they can withstand the daily rigors of urban commuting.

Impact Testing:

Real-world scenarios often present unexpected challenges. Our falling frame and falling weight impact tests simulate riding over obstacles and jumps. By subjecting the frame and fork to a shock test under a load weight of 90 kilograms, we assess their ability to absorb impact without any structural damage. These tests ensure that our e-bikes can take on urban terrains with ease and confidence.

Field Testing:

Beyond the lab, the real proving ground is the open road. Our field testing covers a total length of 60 kilometers across six different test routes, evaluating each e-bike’s performance from cornering to hill climbing, and even its ability to run without motor assistance. This comprehensive approach ensures that ADO e-bikes are not just lab-certified, but road-verified.


The combination of meticulous lab testing and real-world field testing ensures that the frame and fork of every ADO e-bike are built to last, providing a reliable foundation for every ride. Our testing standards far exceed the required benchmarks, ensuring that with an ADO e-bike, you’re riding a promise of durability, safety, and quality, ready to explore the urban jungle with confidence.

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