(Pre-sale) ADO Air 28 All-Rounder Urban Electric Bike

$2,371.00 $1,670.00 Redden $701.00

Color: Light Yellow
Version: CE Version

First launch discount: Users who purchase between September 15th and October 30th will receive a free front car basket*1

Pre-sale delivery date

New product pre-sale: CE Version will be shipped at the end of September, International Version will be shipped at the end of October

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Color: Light Yellow
Version: CE Version


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ADO Air 28

Sheer Riding Pleasure

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime in Control

Wherever your destination is, the ADO Air 28 guarantees a joyful and smooth daily commute. Day or night, it empowers you to ride with rhythm and mastery. As the ultimate choice for any commute, it is designed for urban living.

Care-free Carbon Belt

Unchain Your Ride

"Unchain" your ride with the maintenance-free carbon belt that can last up to 30,000 km. Say goodbye to mechanical noises, oily and rusty chains.

Long-Range Samsung Battery

Discover New Horizons

Unlimited journeys with the Samsung battery, providing up to an impressive 100km range. Our innovative seat-style design combines functionality and elegance, making it easy to remove and charge.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

All-Weather Power and Comfort

Hydraulic disc brakes deliver powerful stopping power in all weather conditions. You can always be in control with the adjustable lockout suspension fork and the true comfort of a Dutch style-frame.

Double Anti-theft System

Safer and Easier Exploration

Keep your battery secure with our unique lock design, while the Street Wise Bell hides an AirTag/SmartTag, adding extra security against bike theft.

Designed Around You

Suspension Fork

Adjust the shock mechanismto suit different terrains.

Brushless Hub Motor

250W / 350W Motor provides a powerful and silent boost.

IPS Color Display

IPX7 waterproof & IPS color display, clearly under thesunshine.

Puncture-Resistant Tires

Kevlar Floc is a composite material of mixed rubber and Kevlar fiber.


E-Mark IPX5 Headlamp

Highly visible LED headlights with wide-angle.



Sturdy, waterproof, and durable. Keep you safe.



Durable and reliable. Excellent power transfer.



Lightweight Aluminum, comfortable, sleek design.

Smart App

Intelligent control system,app navigation + customer support + ADO LAB

IPS Color Display

IPX7 waterproof & IPS color display, clearly under the sunshine.

IPS Color Display

IPX7 waterproof & IPS color display, clearly under the sunshine.


ADO Air 28

The Ultimate All-Rounder Urban E-Bike

Air 28 E-bike

Pair of Fenders


Installation Tool

Rear Rack

Battery Lock

Installation Tool

Rear Rack

Air Pump

Installation Tool

Rear Rack

A20+ Battery


Which countries are allowed to be shipped? How much dose the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping to the following countries:
EU, United States (excluding AK/HI/PR), Australia, United Kingdom
To ensure a better experience for our ADO AIR backers, we provide free shipping to all available shipping regions. If your country is not on the list, please contact customer service serviceigg@adoebike.com to inquire about shipping costs.

What is the difference between the International and CE versions?

CE Version to be compliant with laws on e-bikes in most EU countries and GB: 28" puncture-resistant tires, no throttle installed, max speed 25km/h, 250w motor.

International version with no restrictions: 28" puncture-resistant tires, with throttle, max speed 30km/h, 350w motor.

Is the ADO Air 28 road legal?

The ADO Air 28 is 100% legal, and the CE Version complies with EN 15194 CE certificate. According to SGS CE EN15194 and SGS UKCA, ADO Air conforms to the requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU), the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), and DIN EN 15194:2017. The ADO Air battery complies with UN 38.3 lithium-ion battery testing standards.

What kind of rider does ADO Air 28 suit?

The ADO Air 28 with the step-through frame is the obvious choice for commuters. It is easy to get on and off for comfortable riding.

What is the weight of the ADO Air 28?

With the rack: 21.5 kg
Without the rack: 20 kg

How long is the warranty period?

For bike frame, 10 years warranty; For controllers, motors, batteries, forks, head tubes, handlebars, chargers, pedals, flywheels, chainstays: 12 months warranty. Should you encounter some production related manufacturer’s defect during this period, we will take care of it according to our warranty. For more details, please contact our customer service serviceigg@adoebike.com. https://www.adoebike.com/warranty-policy/

What Payment Methods Does The Website Support?

Paypal / Visa/ MasterCard / Bancontact / iDEAL / Klarna /Przelewy24/Giropay


IDEAL: Netherlands
Giropay: Germany
Klarna:United Kingdom,Germany,Netherlands,Spain,Italy
Przelewy24: Poland

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