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Bicicletta elettrica pieghevole ADO Air 20 Pro

$1,991.00 $1,770.00 Salva $221.00
10 recensioni
Colore: Blu
VERSION: CE Version 250W
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The Freedom Pathfinder

Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Blue Bleu Blau Azul Blauw
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris
Grey Grau Grigio Grijs Gris

The Freedom Pathfinder

Equipped with a BAFANG motor, the Air 20 Pro delivers a seamless and powerful riding experience. Its lightweight, foldable design enhances portability, making it ideal for urban commuting and easy storage.

Bafang Automatic Speed Motor

40 N.m

Integrated head and tail light

To Control

Automatic Dual Speed System

Easy Climbs
Any Terrain

Lockout Suspension Fork

Enjoy Pure
Riding Fun

Automatic Dual Speed System

Easy Climbs, Any Terrain

The rear motor's automatic dual-speed system adjusts gears according to your speed, ensuring smooth acceleration from a stop and effortless climbing. The adjustable lockout suspension fork is designed for versatility, enhancing control across varied terrains and making hill ascents easier.

BAFANG Motor & Torque Sensor

Go Further, Use Less

Experience the synergy of BAFANG's high-torque motor and advanced torque sensor. Boost your e-bike's efficiency by 10%, enabling longer rides on a single charge. Experience silent, smooth control for an eco-friendly adventure.

Rear Turn Signals & Aluminum Fenders

Ride Safely, Feel the Ease

Integrated rear turn signals enhance safety and visibility with a simple press,while aluminum mudguards protect you from splashes, ensuring a dry, comfortable ride.


All-Weather Power and Comfort

Hydraulic disc brakes deliver powerful stopping power in all weather conditions. You can always be in control with the adjustable lockout suspension fork and the true comfort of a Dutch style-frame.



Lockout Suspension Fork

Adjust the shock mechanism to suit different terrains.


IPS Color Display

IPX7 waterproof & IPS color display, clearly under the sunshine.


Battery Lock

Keep your battery secure with our unique lock design.


20-inch Anti-slip Tires

Extra wear-resistant, extra durable.

E-Mark IPX5头灯.png__PID:e3e55912-6bb3-49cf-ad29-f0543cf1c72b

E-Mark IPX5 Headlamp

Highly visible LED headlights with wide-angle.


Light Auxiliary System

Front light / Rear light / Rear turn light. Keep you safe.



Lightweight aluminum frame. Good durability and quality.



Durable and reliable. Excellent power transfer.


The Freedom Pathfinder

Air 20 Pro

Air 20 Pro Ebike

Pair of Fenders

Air Battery


Installation Tool


42V 2A Battery Charger


Rear Rack


Battery Lock


Magnetic Magnetix Buckle


Rear Rack


What are the differences between the Air 20 Pro and the Air 20?

The Air 20 Pro and Air 20 distinguish themselves through several key features:

1. Motor Type: The Air 20 Pro features a Bafang motor for improved efficiency and uphill performance.
2. Drive System: Equipped with an automatic transmission, the Air 20 Pro offers smoother speed transitions and an effortless riding experience compared to the Air 20.
3. Rear Turn Lights: Unique to the Air 20 Pro, these lights improve safety by providing clear signaling to other road users, enhancing visibility and safety.
4. Lockout Suspension Fork: Adjustable for terrain, balancing efficiency and comfort.
5. Aluminum Mudguards: They offer durable protection, keeping you dry and enhancing ride comfort.

These enhancements make the Air 20 Pro a more advanced choice, offering superior performance, safety, and versatility for a variety of riding conditions.

How long is the warranty period?

For bike frame, 5 years warranty; For controllers, motors, batteries, forks, head tubes, handlebars, chargers, pedals, flywheels, chainstays: 12 months warranty. Should you encounter some production related manufacturer’s defect during this period, we will take care of it according to our warranty. For more details, please contact our customer service serviceigg@adoebike.com. https://www.adoebike.com/warranty-policy/

Which country are allowed to be shipped?

Countries That We Ship To For Free:United States (excluding AK/HI/PR),Chile,Australia,United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czechia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belgium, Austria

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Paypal / Visa/ MasterCard / Bancontact / iDEAL / Klarna /Przelewy24/Giropay


IDEAL: Netherlands
Giropay: Germany
Klarna:United Kingdom,Germany,Netherlands,Spain,Italy
Przelewy24: Poland

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Paul Carpentier (Kontich, BE)
Very promising beginning

Only had the bike for two weeks but it has been everything I hoped for so far. It is very zippy and maneuverable. It’s a bit heavier than I thought but still within reason.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for sharing your initial impressions of the bike!

We’re delighted to hear that it has met your expectations and that you find it zippy and maneuverable.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we hope you continue to enjoy your new bike!

Best regards,
ADO Team

Mirsad Nicevic (Friedrichshafen, DE)
Excellent Folding E-Bike

The new ADO Air 20 Pro meets our expectation. We are really impressed! I bought it for my wife which is very happy with it. To be honest, the bicycle is small for me, even with the seat set to highest possible. Of course I can ride this bicycle but it´s not that comfortable. Other than that, the performance of the motor, as well as a full battery charge can offer an autonomy of up to 60-70km, with the remark that in the area were we live is not really flat. I really recommend!

Hi Mirsad,
Thank you for your feedback on the ADO Air 20 Pro! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying your bike.
We appreciate your feedback on our customer service as well. We're always striving to improve, and your input helps us identify areas where we can enhance our support experience.

ADO Team

Dirk Völschow (Cologne, DE)

All Things are OK. Top Delivery , correct package.

Emilio Jiménez (Munich, DE)
The perfect foldable bike

First of all, I initially purchased the Air20 and unexpectedly the day after, Ado announced the new Pro version with added features that in my opinion make this bike unique. The customer service was very supportive and helped me a lot through the porcess of upgrading my order to the new version. A million thanks for that!
Now hands on, what can I say, the Bike looks gorgeous and way above my expectations, built with care and premium materials. It is an extremely pleasant ride! silent, comfortable, swift and excellent handling on every situation. Special mention to this new engine. It is trully cappable against slopes just as advertised, it can deal with anything effortless. A big surprise! Thanks for creating such an amazing product.

Hi Emilio,
Thank you so much for your enthusiastic feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your experience with the Ado Pro foldable bike. We're delighted that you appreciate the added features and the seamless upgrade process from the Air20 to the Pro version.
At Ado, we're committed to providing top-notch customer service and delivering products that exceed expectations. It's fantastic to hear that you find the bike gorgeous, well-crafted, and exceeding your expectations in terms of performance.
Thank you for choosing Ado, and we're grateful for your support and kind words. Happy riding!
ADO Team

Stefan Hessel (Berlin, DE)

Bin jetzt ca. 150 km Gefahren und soweit sehr zufrieden mit dem Rad. Schön wäre es wenn man die Geschwindigkeit für den schaltpunkt bestimmen könnte.

Serdar Er (Berlin, DE)
Daily Driver

ADO Air 20 Pro is just a dream of an E-Bike. The moment i ride the very first time i felt in love with it. Very smooth and effortlessly to move forward and all by the eco mode 1 when you ride on flat terrain. And when you need more power for example for upper hills, no problem for the ADO Air 20 Pro, just switch to the sport mode let him climb easily. But what fascinating me is the automatic gear shift. Bafangs H700 motor is next level for daily commute in the city. Also the disc brakes works really well. This E-Bike is an no brainer and i recommended for everyone. Its my new Daily Driver #Lovemypro

Hello Serdar,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with the ADO Air 20 Pro! We are thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying your new e-bike and that it has become your daily driver.

Your recommendation means a lot for us. Thank you for being a valued member of the ADO community and for sharing your #Lovemypro moment. We hope you continue to enjoy many more rides!

Best regards,
ADO Team

Hardy Stein (Stuttgart, DE)


Stijn Bloemen (Brussels, BE)
ADO Air 20 Pro

First week use and very happy with the bike's performance.
Maybe a couple of remarks : a bit too heavy to carry on stairs and no easy grip when carrying and I worry a bit about damages when folded and placed on floor...

Hi Stijn, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the ADO Air 20 Pro. We're delighted to hear that you're happy with its performance after the first week of use. We appreciate your feedback about the weight and grip when carrying, as well as the concern about potential damages. We are working hard to develop more lightweight products. If folded properly, there should be no issues with the e-bike. Please rest assured. Thank you for choosing our product and happy riding!

Karsten S. (Nuremberg, DE)
Great bike, trumendeous quality, well equipped

Just received (as one of the first buyers) my brand new ADO AIR Pro, it has been arrived almost complety installed, metal fenders, metal rack, very good hydraulic brakes, big size battery for a folding bike (350 Wh in seatpost)
The complete bike is build with an impressive quality, absolutely stable, top anthracite varnish. Any ride is an enjoyment. Most awesome for me is the gearbox inside the motor. Originally the Ado Air is a single speed, but the PRO has a two shift gearbox. when it reaches 19.5 km/h it shifts into 2nd gear, and falls back to 1st gear by roughly 16 -17 km/h. This works really reliable and smooth, it makes me able to have a lower cadence at higher speed. I am really impressed on this innovation from Bafang. Never had seen this before.
I am really impressed of ADO AIR PRO, and 100% satisfied.

Hi Karsten, thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for the ADO Air 20 Pro. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your new bike and that it has exceeded your expectations in terms of quality and features. Thank you for your support. Happy riding!

Naturheilpraxis Manfred Kaiser (Bad Worishofen, DE)

I am exited, because of the ado air 20 pro with the automatic gear change motor from Bafang.