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Cross Your City With A Reliable ADO E-Bike

Cross Your City With Reliable ADO E-Bike

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ADO A20+ Folding Ebike

Deal: €829 €962

ADO A20F+ Folding Fat Tire Ebike

Deal: €969 €1187

ADO A16+ 16inch Folding Ebike

Deal: €699 €875

 2pcs Save €290 

ADO / Folding Ebike

A20 XE

€1499  €1199

 2pcs Save €210 

ADO / Folding Ebike

A20F XE Ebike

€1837  €1,469

ado ebike 2022

New Electric Bike

NEW / Commuter Ebike

ADO DECE 300C Ebike

Deal: 1469 €1749

ADO A20F XE Ebike 20X4.0 Fat Tyre
27.5 Inch
Anti-slip Tyre
Brushless Motor
36V 10.4ah
Removable Battery
Smooth & Safe
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
ADO A20F XE Ebike 20X4.0 Fat Tyre
27.5 Inch
Anti-slip Tyre
Brushless Motor
ADO A20F XE Ebike Removable battery
36V 10.4ah
Removable Battery
Smooth & Safe
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

ADO Laboratory

Discover the Trustworthy Ebike

ADO Lab is certified as a QTL laboratory by SGS, the world’s leading certification company.

ADO Lab has introduced several advanced testing laboratory machines to ensure the safety, quality and regulatory compliance of ADO ebike products, from design and production to regulatory compliance.

DEKRA Certified

DEKRA issue the certifications and marks of conformity to ADO demonstrating that safety, performance, and quality standards have been met within A Series E-Bike.

SGS CE Certified

ADO has passed the SGS CE independently verified standard.
The CE-Marking is a strong proof of safety and quality and it means the ADO D-Series E-Bike are fully compliant.


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What the benefits of E-Bikes?

In comparison to conventional bicycles or cars, ebikes enable you to travel to your destination much quicker. Using the pedals charges the battery, which in turn generates higher speeds. E-bikes are a great alternative to conventional means of travel and save precious time.

E-bikes promote a healthy, active lifestyle

Regular exercise promotes good blood circulation, activates your core muscles, reduces stress levels and your brain releases endorphins. If you’re actively trying to live a healthier lifestyle, e-bikes will definitely be able to assist you in this endeavour and provide an excellent alternative to traditional exercises, such as jogging, that might cause strain or injury.

Make travelling a breeze

Owning an electric bike is clearly advantageous. They can achieve high speeds and provide a convenient means of travel. On particularly hot days when traffic jams can be a nuisance, electric bicycles provide a practical solution, keeping you cool and fresh as a daisy, free of the constraints of rush hour traffic. When fatigue kicks in, simply engage the throttle and let the small-yet-powerful motor do the leg work for you.

A better way to work out

As previously mentioned, e-bikes provide a more convenient means of travel and provide the user with healthier lifestyle options. Researchers from the University of Colorado invited 20 volunteers who rarely work out to ride an e-bike every Wednesday for 40 minutes and noted the changes in their physique. The research concluded that cardiovascular health and blood glucose levels improved within a month.

People who are suffering from ailing health conditions can’t experience the health benefits gained from conventional cycling and more traditional workout routines, making e-bikes an increasingly appealing option.

Modern e-bikes can travel 30KM on a single charge, allowing you to travel great distances without breaking a sweat.

Enhance of your core muscle strength

As previously mentioned, electric bicycles can assist you with long-distance riding and prepare you for high-endurance exercise. Riding electric bicycles promotes higher metabolic rates, producing more carbohydrates in your muscles.

When muscles begin to develop high endurance ability, they release less lactic acid. Riding an e-bike targets several different muscle groups including your core muscles, hips, and calves.

Less pedal work

electric bikes are fitted with battery-supported engines, which are charged by pedaling and activated with a throttle. Whenyou engage the pedals, a small motor can assist you, providing support for longer journeys. Any type of tough terrain proves to be no match for the power of an e-bike.

People are starting to appreciate the stark differences between regular bikes and ebikes. As well as the advantages of owning an e-bike, one of which is speed regulation. With a simple flick of the wrist, an e-bike can reach top speed in a matter of seconds, whereas a conventional electric bike would require much more effort from the rider.


We are fond of ADO ebike, so we sincerely suggest you reconsider your options for electric bikes. They are not only suitable for different age groups but are also much easier to ride, giving you an enjoyable lifestyle anytime. If you are thinking of buying a high-quality electric bicycle, ADO ebike should be your first choice.

At ADO, we encourage everyone to ride our e-bikes, regardless of their age or riding skill. We believe that our ebikes can change lives due to their various advantages. Our goal is to give our customers the best e-bikes that money can buy.  We have a large range of options and hope to satisfy your every need. We aim to keep our quality high and our prices affordable.

What are you waiting for?

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What payment methods does adoebike support?

Adoebike supports the following payment methods :

Paypal / Visa/ MasterCard / Bancontact / EPS / giropay / iDEAL / Przelewy24 / Trustly / Klarna / Mybank










Klarna:Denmark, Austria, Finland, Germany,United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands

Trustly :Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, United Kingdom

What's the difference between "EU version" and "international version" on A-Series ebike?

EU version is produced for the countries that require bicycle speed and motor wattage and not allowed to use the throttle . bike speed can’t unlock . throttle not work . only has Pedal and electric assist mode.

International version: when you receive bike , bike is same with EU Version , has pedal and electric assist mode, but if you need higher speed and want use throttle ,you can adjust to another model which has assist mode and throttle mode , also can unlock speed .

How long is the warranty period of ADO electric bike?

Normally, the warranty period for the whole ebike is one year, and the warranty period for individual special parts will be different as follows:

1. Quality problems of the frame, caused by bad manufacturing due to unwelded/desoldered/cracked/deformed/peeling paint, etc. These types of frames are covered by a 12-month warranty.

2. The battery can work normally, the battery capacity is not less than 60% within one year, and the weakening of the range is normal; however, the warranty period is 12 months after receiving the goods due to the battery’s own quality problems (e.g., can not be charged, can not be activated, the battery is not human damage).

3. The warranty period is 12 months for quality problems caused by poor manufacturing of hubs/flywheels/chainrings/cranks/bottom brackets/handlebars/risers/seat tubes, etc.

4. 12 months warranty for instrument/controller/bike light/charger, not caused by man-made damage.

5. Other easily damaged accessories no longer provide warranty service after 15 days of receipt of goods, if necessary, you can purchase through the official website.

For more details, please see the Warranty Policy




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