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ADO A20+ Electric Bike Review

ADO A20+ electric bike is a 20 inch lightweight folding electric bike , has recently launched into the market with advanced features. It comes with a beautiful structure. This article contains vehicle performance, wheel information, the...

ADO A20+ electric bike is a 20 inch lightweight folding electric bike , has recently launched into the market with advanced features. It comes with a beautiful structure. This article contains vehicle performance, wheel information, the mainframe of the bike, system control, charger, battery, motor, how to assemble its parts, and any other information about ADO A20+. links are attached for visual information.

Comfortability of ADO A20+ Electric Bike

You will feel delighted and prosperous while driving the A20+ folding ebike.

The brand name of the A20+ is A DECE OASIS. It comes in 20*1.95 inches, and the color of this A20 folding bike is black and white. Suppose your thoughts about e-bikes are that they are more expensive but have no special features. Then ADO A20+ will change your thoughts.

You will get the ADO A20+ with an influential motor and beneficial LCD panel at a very reasonable price. You will be surprised after taking Your first ride on ADO A20+. Its seat is specially designed for a gentle ride. You will avoid jumps and enjoy a steady ride. Its horn is loud. Its tires are reinforced, which makes it more reliable. Its height is also adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your requirements.

In addition, ADO A20+ electric bike has recently adjusted the body paint color and logo, making the bike’s color more durable and less likely to fade.



Vehicle Performance

The ADO A20+ overall unit of dimension L×W×H is 1550*530*1100mm. And after folding, it becomes 900*430*700mm. If we talk about the package size, then the size of the package is 875*380*660mm.

The operating temperature of the A20+ folding ebike is -10~40°C. And the storage temperature is -20~50°C. The net weight of A 20+  is 21 kgs,Compared with other ebike, A20+ is a lightweight folding electric bike .

The next thing is IP rating, and its IP rating is IPX5. Speed is the most countable thing in e-bikes. The maximum speed of this e-bike is 25km/h to 35km/h ( when it is in its unlock mode). Transmission is also one of the countable things we can’t ignore. So the transmission of the A20+ folding e-bike is Shimano 7 speed. The gear ratio is collectively 48. The electric range of this folding e-bike is < 60km. And the assisting range is< 80km.

The front fork and saddle tube are the shock absorption. The brake used in the front and back is a mechanical disc brake. It will take at least six hours to charge its battery. And its payload is less than or equal to 120kg.


The Head of The Ebike

Aluminum alloy is used in horizontal tube material in A20+ electric bikes. The size of the horizontal tube material is 22.2* 52 mm. The TPR is used as handgrip material in this e-bike. The stand tube material is also aluminum alloy. If you are thinking about the type of stand tube, it is foldable and adjustable. Adjustable height is available with a protective jacket. A throttle lever is also available. A small bell is also available with an electronic speaker. You can handle the break from both the left and right sides. It will also allow you to charge your mobile as it comes with a 5v/A1USB type A+ charging base.

Ebike wheel

First of all, the most important thing is the material of the tire. That is why aluminum alloy is used in the tires as its main material. The type of wheel used for the front and rear wheels is the integrated shape wheel. The size of the tires is 20*1.95 inches. The tires are made of pneumatic rubber. The mechanical disc brake is used.



Aluminum alloy is a material in the mainframe. Its type is the primary Grider folding. Its front fork is specially designed for shock absorption. Also, a parking stand is available. Its battery is built into the main Grider. Reflect stickers are available on the saddle tube. Its maximum steering angle is 90° on each side. The rear tail light is the electric taillight. And you can say the saddle tube is a shock absorption tube. The air pump is also available. Nylon material is used in the foot pads. Plastic fenders are also available in this folding bike. It is easy to handle and carry.

System Control

ADO A20+ is a very easy-to-use and comfortable bike. Its system control contains many things.ADO A20+ use G-Drive control system;The G-Drive variable frequency control system receives signals quickly and reduces energy loss. The control system is connected to many components throughout the body, detecting, collecting and analyzing vehicle information and helping you cope with different cycling conditions through real-time feedback and smart meters.

And you will find a visual button for the riding mode switch and a front light switch on the speed control handle. It also contains an 886 type HD LCD that gives a clear result even under the sunshine.




The battery is an essential part of any electronic product. There are different types of batteries. These can be integrated or portable.

A20+ battery is equipped with automotive grade 18650 high energy cells , battery material used is Lithium. It can be removed and also allow portable charging.

The battery’s rated voltage integrated into this folding bike is 36 V.And the charge cut-off voltage is 42 V. The rated capacity of this battery is 36V10.4 AH. ( in everyday use over the period, the average percentage of current discharged by the battery is called the rated capacity of that battery). 4-6 hours to fully charge,the charging temperature of the battery is 0~40°. The battery management system is activated when the battery is overheated, overcurrent, or short circuit.


The charging input voltage is 100~240V, 50/60 HZ. And the output voltage is 42V DC. Output power is 84W, and the output current is 2A.


A20+ has a Hall brushless DC motor, motor power 250W, the engine is located on the rear hub, take you easily through a variety of terrain.

Where can you buy an ADO A20+ electric bike?

ADO ebike official sales website is , at the same time in the Amazon platform, OTTO platform also has the brand store, you can choose your trusted store to buy; general order after 48 hours delivery (working days), 3-7 days to receive the package;.

At the same time, we have offline stores in the Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Vietnam and many other countries, you can also go to the store to test ride to buy.

When you buy this, you will get the folding electric bike in a huge box. Inside this box, you will find an instruction manual with the folded bike. The folded bike was utterly safe inside the box. Each part of the bike was not rubbed with one another. Numerous parts will be compiled, which are separated. The parts which need to be assembled include the main frame of the e-bike with wheels, stand, seat, handlebars, paddles, etc.

How do you join the parts of the bike?

Most people don’t know how to join the separated parts. So if you are also one of those people, then here is the complete procedure of combining the parts. Follow the following instructions to combine the parts accurately.

  • The first step you need to do is connect the main frame to the joints. In the same place, the battery pertained to the connector.
  • Now let’s navigate to words attaching the handlebars. Put the steering rod on the marked joint and secure it with the screw.
  • Now it’s time to fasten the seat in its exact place. You can fit it in the same way as an ordinary bicycle.
  • After attaching the seat now, you need to affix the paddles. Fix and screw the left paddle counter clockwise and the right paddle clockwise.
  • The last step you need to do is to clasp the stand. You need to take a couple of screws and insert these screws in their proper places after setting the stand first. And there you are, done.

Your A20+ folding bike is good to go now. You can also follow the instructions in the manual, which will be provided to you in the box The collectively assembling process is easy, and you need a little time to complete it.

Final words

ADO A20+ electric bike is a very useful and affluent lightweight folding electric bike . Its height can be adjustable according to your height. Its speed is also excellent. It is a perfect and recommended option if you purchase an e-bike. In this article, I have tried to explain almost everything about this e-bike. It may be a better option for you. Its advantages are more than its disadvantages.

When your bike has any problems, including assembly problems, you can always contact their after-sales staff, their after-sales staff is very professional, always patient to help you solve the problem, I think ADO EBIKE is trustworthy.

4 comments on ADO A20+ Electric Bike Review
  • Andrea
    AndreaDecember 20, 2023

    Vorrei sapere che differenza c’è tra la versione UE & International

  • Andrea
    AndreaDecember 20, 2023

    Vorrei sapere che differenza c’è tra la versione UE & International

  • Anne Mort
    Anne MortDecember 08, 2023

    I have recieved the A20+ today. Could you please send a video of how to fold the bike please.

  • Georgette
    Georgette December 08, 2023

    Grazie di tutto , vorrei sapere se vi è attacco per smartphone e ricarica.

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