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How Many Calories Can You Burn on an E-Bike

Do people regularly tell you that riding an e-bike involves no effort when you’re out and about? Maybe you don’t think that e-biking is genuinely beneficial to your fitness. Biking is an...

Do people regularly tell you that riding an e-bike involves no effort when you’re out and about? Maybe you don’t think that e-biking is genuinely beneficial to your fitness. Biking is an essential form of workout and helps you stay in shape.

Numerous people would suggest that riding an e-bike is not beneficial, as it does not provide the same feature as a mechanical bike. However, they fail to understand that the e-bikes being introduced these days are everything more than a standard mechanical bike.

E-bikes, Your Fitness Buddy

E-bikes help you a lot in burning calories. The number of calories burnt is influenced by several factors, including how hard you pedal, your speed, the terrain, and the degree of help you choose.

According to a slew of scientific data and facts, electric bikes are not cheating. The rise in heart rate and calories burned is compelling evidence influencing e-bike sceptics to reconsider their positions. An electric bike is an excellent way to work out without dreading most traditional exercises.

You’ll burn more calories if your bike is faster or more complex. It’s possible that you’re climbing, in which case you should reduce your assistance or raise your speed.

E-biking is less stressful than traditional riding because of the electrical aid, but the motor will not help you if you stop pedalling. Riding an e-bike, as a consequence, keeps you moving and increases your stamina and calorie burn. Regular bike riders ride less frequently and for shorter distances than e-bike users.

On the other hand, someone of our cyclist’s height might be able to burn the same number of calories utilizing more traditional ways. According to, 30 minutes of running at nine mph burns 488 calories.

According to, 30 minutes of weight exercise burns roughly 400 calories. According to, less strenuous physical activity, such as 45 minutes of tennis or hiking, burns 350 calories. Our rider’s 45-minute e-bike ride shows that this is not a workout for the faint of heart.

According to academic research at the University of Colorado Boulder, cycling on an electric bike regularly provides good exercise and improves cardiovascular health.

The study’s goal was to explore if pedelecs could assist physically inactive persons in meeting their daily activity goals. James Peterman, the study’s principal author and researcher, said:

“People may simply include physical exercise into their daily routine by utilizing a pedelec as a mode of transportation without having to make extra preparations.”

Calculating Calories Burnt on an E-Bike

To calculate the number of calories you have burnt, the following table and the formula may help you:

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15 min

30 min

45 min

60 min













Urban Cycling






Hiking cross country






Horseback riding






E-bike riding












Showing 1 to 7 of 7 entries


The MET value is something you should keep your eye on. MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET), which determines how much your metabolic rate is working during a particular activity.

The formula for calories burnt is as follows:

= Weight(lbs)2.204MET0.0175time(minutes)

For example, if you ride your e-bike for 30 minutes and weigh around 180lbs, you will burn 120kcal using this formula. But the main question that pertains is what sort of e-bike will help you the most?

On today’s date, there are numerous possibilities for an e-bike for you to interact with. Most of the bikes provide primary assist mode, whereas some provide all-in-one features, like the ADO bikes.

Perfect Bike for Burning Calories

If you’re looking for a complete workout while riding your e-bike, the best fit for you would be the

 ADO DECE 300C Electric Bike-27.5 Inch 250W Electric Bike. This electric mountain bike will help you burn the desired calories with the same standard or more effort but help you stay in shape and fit.

If you’re looking for a long-range workout and trip, this bike gives you an ultra-long-range of 90km with a G-drive 2.0 system that gives you ultimate efficiency in battery consumption. The bike is fitted with a 250W motor with a 42Nm torque power, giving it an elegant touch.


This article will discuss the main feature of the DECE 300C is its Shimano 9 speed transmission system that provides you with three different driving modes. One is the complete manual mode, exceptional for burning calories and requires you to do all the work.

The second drive mode is the pedal-assist mode, which will give you a helping hand in driving up or down the road. This will also burn a significant amount of calories, but less compared to the complete manual mode.

The final driving mode is the hybrid mode that completely utilizes the battery to complete distances. This mode is helpful when you’re looking to rest up but don’t want to stop.

With the idea of burning calories, ADO has made sure that it does not compromise on the experience. The experience is worthwhile and smooth, where the hydraulic disc brakes provide a relaxing braking experience.

Furthermore, the controlled fork shocks provide an incredibly soft suspension system for your bike, which helps you feel the bumps on the road as if you’re riding on the clouds and floating through the sky.

Wrapping up

Riding an e-bike is an amazing way to stay in shape, as it gets you to burn a significant amount of calories while you ride. There are different bikes available at the ADO store that will get your fitness up and running. So get your helmet on for a workout session!

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