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Join the ADO Community in Our "Giving Back" Christmas Giveaways!

ADO is hosting a Christmas Giveaway featuring their best electric bikes from the electric bikes sale. Participants share stories of those needing an e-bike. The top story wins a new Air 20...

As the festive season unfolds, it's time to celebrate the spirit of giving and unity. This year, we at ADO, renowned for our best electric bikes and fantastic electric bikes sale, are deeply grateful for the unwavering support and love our community has bestowed upon us. To express our gratitude and give back to our community, we're delighted to introduce our "Giving Back" Christmas Giveaways running from December 2nd to December 24th.
Our mission is simple - to make a meaningful difference and bring joy to someone's life. And what could be more impactful than offering a free Air 20, one of the best electric bikes from our electric bikes sale, to someone who could greatly benefit from it?

The Power of Storytelling

To illustrate the impact this campaign can have, let's share two stories from our community:

Patricia Macedo's Story

Hi everyone, let me tell you why I need a new bicycle.
I used to live in a big city (Porto), but I've felt a yearning for a simpler life, so I've packed my bags and headed to the quiet town of Fafe.
With a pocketful of dreams and determination, I've invested all my savings in a small raspberry plantation, embracing the challenge of becoming a farmer.
Now, under Fafe's clean air, I tend to my thriving raspberry bushes, and find fulfillment in each harvest.
My old rusty bicycle became my faithful companion, as I use it daily to navigate the narrow lanes, weave through the fields, and head to the city so I can sell my locally grown products on the market.
Amidst the slower pace of life, I've discovered a sense of community in Fafe, where neighbors lend a helping hand and share stories over previous harvests.
Happy Holidays! 😊

Tim Ciel's Story

Hello everyone.
This story will be about my wife and my 3 year old son.
Often they want to go and buy some things and dont want to take the bus. So they would like to go by bike like daddy (me) do very often, but cant cause its not available. So she often ask me to buy a second air20 cause its more easy to go.
Also she wants to explore the areas by bike with our boy so she can stop and do things. Maybe my wifes wish comes true and she can drive like me on this beatifull bike. Merry christmas 🎄🎁 to all.

best electric bikes

How to Participate

Participation is easy and meaningful. All you need to do is:
1. Identify someone who needs an e-bike and why.
2. Understand how an ADO e-bike, one of the best electric bikes from our electric bikes sale, could transform their life.
3. Share their story in our Facebook group using the hashtag #ADOGIVEBACK.
Each week, we'll select one storyteller to receive a mystery gift, announced every Friday. The story gathering the most likes and comments by the end of the campaign will claim the grand prize—a brand new Air 20 e-bike for the one featured in the story!

Who Can Participate
Our "Giving Back" Christmas Giveaways are open to all members of our community who are 18 or older and reside in the UK or the EU regions we serve. We're excited to hear your stories and look forward to your participation.

Announcing the Winners
We'll announce the winners on our official website, Facebook page, and via Messenger. By accepting a prize, winners agree that their story may be shared by ADO to inspire others and spread the joy of giving.

Let's Make This Christmas Special

We believe in the power of giving, and we can't wait to see how our community comes together to help make this Christmas memorable for someone. Whether you're sharing a story or simply engaging with posts, your involvement helps make a difference. So, let's spread love and make this Christmas one to remember together!

1 comment on Join the ADO Community in Our "Giving Back" Christmas Giveaways!
  • Jin

    Hi all, I was a proud owner of my first E-bike which was the model ADO20. I was so happy with the functionalities and durability of the bike that I convinced some friends to buy it as well. I used it to commute to work and visit the city center, always have I enjoyed each ride. That is until… last year around Christmas time two people decided to use an electric saw on the expensive thick lock. It happened in the middle of the street during late afternoon. Funny thing is there are CCTV capturing the whole process, little kids were walking by, however that did not stop the jealous thiefs. I still have CCTV captures of them, police did nothing, I felt helpless and angry. I just really miss my precious bike…

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