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Revolutionize Your Ride: Introducing ADO Ebike's NEW Air 20 Pro & Air 28 Pro

Introducing the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro – ADO Ebike's premium upgrades to their classic models. Discover a new level of e-biking with advanced features designed for ultimate performance, safety,...

Elevate your e-biking experience with the latest and most innovative additions to the ADO Ebike family: the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro. These models are not mere iterations but significant upgrades over their predecessors, the Air 20 and Air 28, showcasing ADO Ebike's commitment to innovation and quality. Let's explore the enhancements that set the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro apart, marking a new era in the realm of electric bicycles.

Upgrades That Make a Difference

Automatic Shifting Bafang Rear Motor with Dual Mode (ECO & SPORT)

Transition effortlessly between terrains with the upgraded Bafang rear motor. Featuring an automatic internal gear hub, this motor ensures a seamless shift from 1st gear for easy starts and climbs to 2nd gear for maintaining efficiency at speeds over 20 km/h. This dual-mode functionality caters to both eco-friendly rides and sporty endeavors, providing a customizable cycling experience.

Integrated Tail Light with Control

Visibility and control are paramount for any ride. The Pro models introduce an integrated headlight and rear light system, controllable directly from the display with a simple “+” button press. Enhancing safety, the bikes also feature turn signal buttons beneath the display, allowing for clear signaling in traffic or during nighttime adventures.

Front Fork Upgrade

Adaptability to varying terrains is crucial for any e-bike enthusiast. The Air 20's previously non-adjustable suspension fork has been significantly improved in the Pro models. Now featuring an adjustable mechanism, riders can toggle the suspension on or off, providing a customized and comfortable ride across both rough trails and smooth pavements.

Aluminum Fender

Durability meets style with the introduction of pre-installed aluminum fenders in the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro. Superior to traditional plastic fenders, these aluminum alternatives offer enhanced protection from splashes and debris, ensuring you remain clean and dry, no matter the weather conditions or terrain.

Why the Upgrade Matters

The transition from the Air 20 and Air 28 to the Pro versions signifies a leap forward in the e-bike technology and rider experience. ADO Ebike has listened to rider feedback and industry trends to craft these enhancements, ensuring that the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern cyclists. With these upgrades, riders are equipped with more control, comfort, and customization, making every journey more enjoyable and efficient.

Embrace the Future of E-Biking

The launch of the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of electric bicycles. ADO Ebike continues to pioneer with its forward-thinking design and technology, setting new benchmarks in the industry. These upgraded models are a testament to the brand's dedication to providing riders with an unparalleled cycling experience, combining the joy of traditional biking with the innovation of modern technology.

Whether you're upgrading from the Air 20 or Air 28, or new to the ADO Ebike family, the Pro models offer something for every rider. With their advanced features and enhanced performance, the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro stand ready to revolutionize your ride, inviting you to explore further, climb higher, and venture into new territories with confidence and style.

Riding Into the Future

The introduction of the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro is more than just an upgrade; it's a leap into the future of e-biking. ADO Ebike invites you to join this journey, embracing the enhanced features and possibilities that these models bring. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels, we look forward to having you along for the ride. The road ahead is bright, and with the Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro, it's bound to be an exhilarating adventure. Gear up, get ready, and let's revolutionize the way we ride!


Q: How do the Pro models differ from their predecessors?
A: The Air 20 Pro and Air 28 Pro introduce significant upgrades including an automatic shifting Bafang rear motor, integrated lighting control, an adjustable front fork, and aluminum fenders, enhancing performance, safety, and rider comfort.

Q: Can I control the lights directly from the bike's display?
A: Yes, the integrated lights on the Pro models can be easily controlled via the display, improving convenience and safety for all your rides.

Q: What benefits do aluminum fenders offer over plastic ones?
A: Aluminum fenders are more durable and offer better protection against splashes and debris, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable ride, especially in wet conditions.

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