✍️ ADO Upgraded Version Poetry Contest: Win A Giftbox

What’s inside the giftbox is still a little surprise but one thing that’s for sure!
Which is:
1 X 50% OFF voucher*
(*Applicable on any bike of choice, from original price, on adoebike.com)

The rules:
Leave the version you think is better base on this original ADO poem
One English version, one native language version
Must be commented under this post.

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Multiple entries allowed per account
Comment before May 28th 23:59 (CEST)

The original ADO poem:
I cross my city to you,
Let time be calm.
From youth to age,
I am with you,
cross your city.

The best poem, judged by our team will be the winner. The winner will be announced on May 29th!
? Much fun and good luck,
Team ADO