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Cross your city - Frankfurt EBIKE Touring (1)

On Sunday, July 31st, @10:00 am – 12:30 am UTC+2 as we pull out all the stops to create one of the best ebike touring opportunities of the summer. We created this event to show appreciation for esteemed customers with exclusive care that reflect our gratitude for loving our products and supporting our brand.

ADO always supports and helps to protect environmental issues. Every kilometer you cover on the “Cross your city – Frankfurt” event is converted into one euro and then donated to WWF. The fundraising campaign for this can be followed at

Cross your city - Frankfurt

If you join our event, you will be able to enjoy:

1. around 2.5hrs ebike trip with a processional tour guide in the heart of Frankfurt by the Main river. (MAP)

2. We will provide an ADO ebike to use on the trip. Give away a helmet and a polo shirt for free.

3. Coffee break with our ADO team in the middle of trip

4. 3rd party liability insurance

5. A free photo taking service, we should send you a digital copy by email ASAP. (Notice: All the photos, video from the event may be used in ADO online social media.)

6. You’re eligible to invite one of your friends to join us for FREE as well!

Cross your city - Frankfurt-map

Please click HERE if you love to join the event, our staff will contact you for confirmation as soon as possible.

This event is first come first served! Reservation will end by 15th July afternoon. UTC+2). We shall contact you for confirmation ASAP.

Let’s be with us in Frankfurt and help our blue planet.

Cross your city - Frankfurt

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