Terms of Service

Governing Law:

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain


Company Address:C/Resurreccion 3, Bajo, Madrid

I.About Tarrif

Countries within the EU are exempt from tariffs. If non-EU countries require tariffs, buyers need to cooperate in paying taxes.

II.Delivery & Shipping

Affected by the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC, the delivery time of the local logistics company and the expected deviation, please understand.

Usually after order payment, if item has storage, we will arrange delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping Warehouse

Support Shipping country

Delivery Time

Mode of Transport

Search Website


EU countries

7-10 days




EU countries

7-10 days



United Kingdom

United Kingdom

5-7 days




The above delivery time is the delivery time of most parcels under normal circumstances, except for special weather and logistics delays.

After-Sales related:

I. Service Object

Users who purchase ADO brand products in the online officially authorized store (users who purchase in the offline will be served the same by the offline store ).

II. Service Content

ADO brand commits to providing technology consulting and product maintenance services for users when installing and using ADO brand products.

Ⅲ. After-sales Service Center

Service Center

Service Scope

Contact Details

Service Area

Official Product Data Center

Technical data download



Online Technical Service Center

Manual online service for installation and use


Email: Support@adoebike.com


Call Center

Manual call service for installation and use





Maintenance Center

Product Maintenance Service






EU (excl. Germany)


Outside EU

Ⅳ. Technical After-Sales Service Policy

Ⅰ)Lifelong Technical Support

ADO brand commits to providing lifetime technical service to ADO users. Any needed ,please contact with us.

Ⅱ)Free Maintenance Service

Under the warranty ,if product quality issues,ADO brand commits to providing free maintenance service for users, as the follows:


Warranty Time

Warranty Policy

Structural parts

(1) Frame

5 years

1. Free provide the spare parts and repair video;

2. Customers also can buy the spare parts from the third party,and ADO will share the cost;

3. If customers can not fix it, please send it back to the official maintenance Center;

4. If still can not be fixed, ADO will provide a new one for free;

Note: After the secondary assembly of the drive system and transmission system, secondary debugging is required. Please refer to the following instructions :

1. Refer to "Official Product Data Center" to download the debugging video and debug it.

2. Go to the local maintenance point for help according to the video.

(2)front fork

1 year

(3)seat tube

1 year


1 year

(5)aheadset stem

1 year

(6)brake handle

1 year

(7)brake lever

1 year

(8)sprocket crank

1 year

(9)chain wheel

1 year

(10) thumb shifter

1 year


1 year

Electric parts


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year

(7)USB charger

1 year

(8)acceleration handle

1 year

(9)2in1 switch

1 year

(10)head light

1 year

Wearing parts

Handle grip,saddle, pedal, tire, fender, etc., wearing parts, no warranty time, if there is any damage during using, please buy from the official store ( www.adoebike.com);


All service terms apply to problems caused by the quality of the product itself, and problems caused by man-made damage are not covered by the warranty.

Please contact the online service center or call center, and provide the following information, then enjoy the ADO product warranty services:

1) Purchase platform, including platform/seller's store account etc. ;

2) Order invoice, including order number/ID/date etc.;

3) E-mail and shipping address;

4) Brief explanation of the issue, including description/picture/short video and so on.

Ⅲ)Paid Maintenance Service

If the ADO product is abnormal because of the following reasons,ADO brand will provide free technology consulting and paid maintenance services for user:

1) Damage caused by using the unoriginal parts to install the bike ;

2) The parts or products which is over-due warranty time;

3) Damage caused by improper using, repairing and maintain;

4) Damage caused by the nature disaster, manual damage;

5) Can not provide the evidence like video or picture.;

6) Damage caused by the revising, adding or reducing the parts;

7) The parts which are wearing parts, like the coating, inner tube, chain, pedal;

8) The damage caused by the water inflow;