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Q: Where is the shipment and when will it be delivered ?

A: 1. UK orders will be delivered from UK warehouse , and received by the users in 5 working days;

2. Germany orders will be delivered from Germany warehouse , and received by the users in 5 working days;

3.  Other EU countries orders will be delivered from Poland warehouse, and received by the user within 10 working days.

All orders will be answered within 24 hours, sent within 3 days, and received by users within 15 days. (Holidays will be postponed)



Q1: How long is the warranty for this product?

A1:The quality problem of bike frame like unwelded/desoldered/cracked/deformed/painted off etc., caused by poor manufacturing. can get  12 months warranty.

The battery (can work normally, and the capacity is not less than 60%) is guaranteed for 12 months due to quality problem.

Wheel hub/ flywheel/ chainring/ crank/ bottom bracket/ handlebar/ riser/seat tube which have quality problems caused by poor manufacturing are guaranteed for 12 months

Instrument/controller/bicycle lights/charger, 12 months warranty for non-human reasons.

Warranty is not provided for other fragile accessories, and can purchase through the official website.


Q2:Where the bike can be repaired and guaranteed if it is in Europe?

A2:1.ADO brand promises to provide consumers with localized "worry-free" technology and after-sales service, including:

    a. Local European maintenance service, including free replacement service for a new ebike when maintenance is not available (in case of product quality problems);

    Ten-year warranty: frame

    One year warranty:

      Structural parts-front fork, seat tube, handlebar, aheadset stem, brake handle, brake lever, sprocket crank,chain wheel, thumb shifter, derailleur ;

      Electrical components-charger, batterie, motor, controller,  instrument, booster, USB charger, acceleration handle, 2in1 switch, head light;

    If there is a problem with the product during the above-mentioned warranty period, it will be replaced for free if it cannot be repaired.

   b.Local European service for the supply of spare parts (free of charge if it is a product problem);

   c.Real-time online technical information available ;

   d.Real-time online technical advice and operational guidance;

   e.Fast dispatch from local European warehouses;

2.Any needed ,the consumers can contact with our EU service center below:

Facebook: ADOEBIKE

Email: Support@adoebike.com

Call Center(DE): +49(0)7251-5098364

Maintenance Center:Bruchsal, Germany


Q3: Where can I buy accessories for bicycles? What accessories can be provided?

A3: The consumers can by accessories from official website: www.adoebike.com/pages/accessary-1;


Q4:How often should I maintain my electric bike?

A4:Just like an ordinary bicycle, There is no need for more frequent maintenance because it is an electric bicycle.

In most cases, It is sufficient to inspect the rotating parts of the machinery every year; customers who use the bicycle frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent repairs..




Q1: Is there an A16/A20/A20F battery?

A1: The whole bicycle is equipped with a lithium battery.

If you need to buy a spare battery, you can buy it on the official website: https://www.adoebike.com/pages/accessary-1


Q2:What is the battery capacity of A16/A20/A20F?

A2: A16: Capacity 36V/7.8AH, electric range <35km, PAS range <70Km

A20: Capacity 36V/10AH, electric range <45km, PAS range <80Km

A20F: Capacity 36V/10AH, electric range <40km, PAS range <80Km


Q3: Is the battery removable?

A3: All ADO products batteries can be easily removed for charging and replacing


Q4: Is the battery waterproof?

A4: The product is IPx5 waterproof.For your safety,it is better not to ride a bike in rainy days.


Q5: Can I lock the battery?

A5: All batteries can be locked, A20/A20F can turn off the battery power supply with the key.


Q6: What if I lose the battery key?

A6: ADO products have spare keys , Please take care of your spare keys. Once the key is lost, the bicycle can not be used normally.


Q7: Can electric bicycle batteries be recycled?

A7: Lithium batteries need to be recycled at a professional battery recycling place.


Q8: How long does it take to charge?

A8: 4-6 hours can be fully charged


Q9: What is the service life of an electric bicycle battery?

A9: According to the frequency of use, charging once every three days is expected to last about 3 years.


Q10: Is there a spare battery?

A10: This ebike does not have a spare battery, if you need it, you can go to the ADO official website and official store to buy it.

Official website accessories : https://www.adoebike.com/pages/accessary-1


Q11: What are the advantages of ADO drive motors and batteries? 

A11: All ADO series products use gear motors, under the same use conditions will be more power-saving, quieter, and longer life-time.                                                       

All ADO series products use lithium batteries, and use 18650 lithium battery packs which is special for automotive  




Q1: Do electric bikes need a license or registration?

A1: Depending on rule where you are living, high-speed electric bicycles (speeds over 30 km/h) may require a license or registration. The rules change quickly, so it is best to consult with local authorities for verification.


Q2: What certification does A16/A20/A20F have?

A2: Bicycle with CE certification, ROHS, WEEE, battery with IEC62133 certification



Daily Using

Q1:How much weight can this bike bear?

A1: The maximum load  is 120KG.


Q2: How should I know what size electric bicycle to buy?

A2: ADO bicycle saddle height and front handle height can be adjusted:

A16, support height 140-180 (cm)

A20, supports height 150-190 (cm)

A20F, support height, 165-200 (cm)


Q3: What is the maximum speed of A16/A20/A20F electric bicycles?

A3: The default maximum speed is 25KM/H, but the speed limit can be turned on, and the maximum speed is 35KM/H. Please contact the customer service directly for the instruction video


Q4: How many assist modes are there? How can get assjist with electricity?

A4: Electric power is divided into 3 levels:

0 gear is no assist, riding mode

The first gear is a power-assisted gear, there will be electric power when pedaling, and the acceleration switch is invalid

The second gear is the middle gear. When the pedal accelerates to 6 kilometers, the speed can be adjusted through the acceleration knob, which is suitable for ordinary roads.

The third gear is a high-speed gear. When the pedal accelerates to 6 kilometers, you can adjust and control the speed by turning the accelerator.Suitable for big power scene.like climbing slope


Q5: Why are there different levels of assistance?

A5: Different assistance levels correspond to different application scenarios to achieve the purpose of power saving or exercise.


Q6:Where can I ride my electric bike

A6: ADO electric bicycle has a more powerful motor, SHIMANO 7-speed transmission and excellent shock absorption system. It can adapt to various road conditions such as cities, towns and villages. Suitable for work, shopping, outing, and exercise, etc.


Q7: Is it normal for the transmission to make noise when riding?

A7: ADO electric bicycles use transmissions produced by Shimano, Japan. It is normal to make noises during gear shifting.


Q8: What if the transmission always have noise after shifting gears?

A8: Gear shifting during riding is a professional operation. If there is abnormal noise after shifting gears, you can try to return to the previous gear by using the reverse gear switch. Because you don’t need to force the gear, you can change gears more easily.


Q9: What if the transmission always fails to shift?

A9: If you shift from 7th to 6th gear and the shift fails, you can continue to switch to 5th gear, and then use the reverse switch to return to 6th gear, because it is easy to reverse gears during riding