• ADO Air Carbon Expanded Coupon (indiegogo)

ADO Air Carbon Expanded Coupon (indiegogo)

£173.00 £87.00 Redden £86.00

Spend €100 to get a €200 Coupon. Limited supply pack. First come, first served.

The €200 Coupon can only be used during the crowdfunding period on Indiegogo to buy a ADO Air Carbon E-Bike.

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Coupon Terms and Conditions

The below terms are applicable to your Air Carbon Expanded Coupon.

1. Delivery for Coupons purchased online.

Coupons purchased online via www.adoebike.com are delivered in digital form and will be emailed directly to the purchaser. Please note that ADO Ebike is not responsible for incorrect digital Coupon delivery due to the entry of an incorrect email address.

2. Redeem a Coupon.

Coupons are redeemable towards the purchase of ADO Air Carbon ebike only and can not be used with other coupons/codes/discounts.

3. Purchase and Use of a Coupon.

- Coupons, exclusively applicable for purchasing ADO Air Carbon eBikes are tax-free.
- For coupon purchasers, the ADO Air Carbon project owner will send you a special link (i.e., Secret Perk) to access the post-coupon price perk directly on Indiegogo.

4. About refunds:

If you do not want to purchase the ADO Air Carbon, please contact us at serviceigg@adoebike and we will begin refunding you on 20th May.

Air Carbon Expanded Coupon


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