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Model: ADO Air 20

Torque sensor is definitely the future of e-bikes. This one has it. Once you experiences this you can not go back.


Model: ADO Air 28

"Con Air 28, grazie alla pedalata assistita fluida, naturale e alla leggerezza, ADO ha centrato in pieno lo spirito della urban bike."

Joris Hermans

Model: ADO A20F+

For me I think it's perfect when I want to go out shoot some videos, some photos. I'm gonna take this bike. For me it's a fun daily cruiser, no problem to go off-road.

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"Das leichte ADO Air fährt sich dadurch sehr dynamisch, spritzig, toll abgestimmt und überaus natürlich in jeder Situation. Das ADO Air macht im Alltag einfach nur unheimlich Spaß. Zwar liegt das vor allem am Antriebssystem, aber auch sonst spielt die Ausrichtung des Bikes gut zusammen."

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I love the design, and the use of atorque-sensor, belt drive, and hydraulicbrakes.

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If you're just looking for an e-bike that you can bring around in a compact manner and for free on the bus, train, or in the trunk of your vehicle, the Ado A20 XE comes across as a recommended purchase.

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The ADO D30 eBike takes the pain out of cycling, but doesn't do all the hard work for you, striking a balance between leisure and exercise.

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The battery life is excellent as an electric-assisted bicycle; the electric power-assisted system worked well for commuting uses, and the compact body makes it a wonderful extension to a regular car.

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Desarrollada con altos estándares y probada en laboratorioTodos los componentes de la ADO Air 20 cumplen con los estándares de calidad de la industria de la bicicleta pero, además, ha sido sometida a pruebas en el laboratorio de ADO Labs simulando el uso continuado y las condiciones más extremas para garantizar una bicicleta eléctrica plegable lo más eficiente posible.

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The powerful motor and long-range battery make the ADO A20 an excellent choice. It made my commute easier, and I did it much faster than I could manage without power.