• ADO Air Power Bank
  • ADO Air Power Bank
  • ADO Air Power Bank
  • ADO Air Power Bank
  • ADO Air Power Bank
  • ADO Air Power Bank
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ADO Air Power Bank

3 reviews

Compatible with all ADO AIR Series E-Bikes.

Extended Range Battery

Size :307×183×123mm

Battery Capacity :201.6 Wh(36V/5.6Ah)

Charging time :2 Hrs

Weight :2 KGS

Colour :Black


Suitable for ADO Air series e-bikes

Box Accessories


Velcro straps

Black Ties

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Product information


18650 cells

Charging port


Discharge Plug

3-colour  power indicator

Designed Around You

18650 cells

Charging port

Discharge Plug

3-colour LED
power indicator

USB interface

Power switch

Dual Excellence Unveiled: Power Unleashed, Seamless Accelerationwith Bafang Motor

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to rise and the need for riders to travel further increases, the
ADO Extended Range Battery is an innovative e-bike back-up battery solution designed to provide
e-bike riders with longer range and more convenience. Not only does this battery offer excellent range,
it also stands out with its unique shape and convenient shared plug design

Battery Configuration

This range extender battery adopts 20 DMEGC 18650 cells, each with a maximum capacity of 2900mAh, assembled in 10 series and 2 parallels, with a total voltage of 36V and a capacity of 5.6Ah (201.6Wh), which can continue to provide long-lasting electric power support for the e-bike. In addition, the
Extended Range Battery is equipped with a DC2.5 charging port and M16 female discharge port, which
are common to the chargers and power input ports of ADO AIR series models, making it very
convenient to use; meanwhile, the Extended Range Battery provides a USB charging port, expanding
the space for more applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
ES (Helsinki, FI)
Air Power bank

Looks nice, not used yet

David Roche (Leicester, GB)
Power Bank Review

Not tried it yet...but have got it ready to use.

Thomas Lassmann (Leipzig, DE)
Great, I can’t wait to get it.

I am happy

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